Venforce provides a solution for suppliers to deliver their item data, including prices and availability, in an uncomplicated, fast way to major industrial and public sector customers. We process the data from the various suppliers, compile a digital catalog for the existing operating system and process the data in line with industry standards.

Primarily, we illustrate the weakness of the source data and provide tools to optimize the content.

With more than 13 years of experience, venforce is able to provide outstanding services. Experience has shown us what data is needed first and how it can be most safely and best provided.

Our team is happy to help and advise you. Even the direct communication regarding the subsequent data exchange is done quickly and easily with experienced and trained personnel.

Our focus is to speed up and expand the supplier’s data to the operating systems of business customers from industry and public institutions, to simplify administrative tasks and to get the products delivered faster.

We do not just design software solutions, we actively shape the future of global commerce.

ISO 9001:2015 specifies requirements for a quality management system. At this moment we are in the process of certification and can soon present our high standard to our customers.

Furthermore we will comply with the BME Code of Conduct to secure compliance risks in the supply chain

The BME Code of Conduct provides member companies and their suppliers with an international and cross-industry minimum standard that provides a degree of basic protection for members, companies and their domestic and international partners.

The BME Code of Conduct includes the fundamental rules for:

  • Combating corruption
  • Antitrust agreements
  • Child labor and forced labor
  • Compliance with ethical principles towards suppliers (compliance)
  • Respect for human rights
  • Environmental and health protection
  • Fair working conditions

The BME Code of Conduct also refers to the international legal framework such as the “UN Global Compact” and thus to worldwide, cross-company contexts.

Exclusively in our closed data cloud. Nobody but us and you have access to the data. Who you want to offer your products is up to you. All of the systems, applications, people, technologies, processes, and data centers used to deploy the venforce Cloud Platform are certified to ISO 27001.

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a part of our cloud. Development and maintaining the IT infrastructure is one of our tasks.
For the use of the online service, only an Internet-enabled computer and the Internet connection is required. Access to the cloud is via web browser.

First: Master Data Management – Second: e-Procurment Channels

Continuous development of our cloud infrastructure, connection of new sales and e-Procurement channels and automation of master data maintenance are the keys to your and our success.


to our systems for automatise data imports. Sit back and let processes work for you.

extract and enrich your data

Find out what we need to get you into our cloud.

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eCl@ss, proficlass, UNSPSC and ETIM are used as standard for the exchange of product data between suppliers and customers.

Integrated in our cloud

You can classify your data in different versions and languages, depending on the requirements of the purchaser.

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Big Data analyzes your data feeds and provides you with targeted suggestions for improvement

Power of the cloud

Real-time error reports and the ability to immediately adjust and update the data. REST API and artificial intelligence in master data management make it possible.

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Speed, process optimization, automation and agile working methods are the essential building blocks of our success. The rapid development of the industry and the procurment 4.0 make it necessary as a supplier to make these requirements indispensable. New requirements within the supply chain are challenges that we face.

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Supplier References

  • Laboratory Equipment

  • Office furniture and accessories

  • Stage and event technology

  • Hygiene and sanitary equipment

  • Firefighting and protective equipment

  • Pneumatics and cordless tools

  • Mobile communication

Buyer References

  • Automotive Industry

  • Processing Industry

  • Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Furniture Industry

  • Aircraft Industry

  • Media Companies

  • Insurance

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