Revolutionizing the Distributor Approach!

Normally distributors would take long time and efforts to connect to markets, try products, explain product benefits, show the complete catalog and so on.

In Venforce, we Revolutionize the Distributor Approach! We connect your product Catalog:

This option gives your brand or brands a "permanent Marketing" and the possibility of fast and multichannel sales.




More than 12.000.000 possible Buyers



This option gives your brand or brands a "permanent Marketing" and the possibility of fast and multichannel sales.

We transform traditional Product data into easy click and buy processes.

We do it by transforming the product data into international and updated e-commerce standards, and then uploading this information into existing Online Marketplaces and eProcurement Systems, who give access to millions of daily active C-Parts Product buyers a day.

Supplier Benefits


Connect to Millions of  Potential Buyers

Buying has changed. Millions of buyers access monthly to their authorized eProcurement Systems. Regardless of whether they are connected to your ERP system (SAP; etc.) or to your authorized Marketplace for purchasing, your products will always be listed and accessible.

You stay focused 

on your product

When you focus on making a better product to your customers, you have spare resources that you would previously need to sell. Customers' product needs change every day, as do the needs of the purchasing process.


Make a Faster connection to eProcurement Systems

Our software environment enables you to quickly onboard in our PIM (Product information Management System), connect and expand your reach to over 3 million potential B2B business customers from the sectors like Industry, medical, Hotels and Restaurants, Construction, Energy and many more.

Saving money and simultaneously expanding

You don´t want to spend 1 or 2 years and thousands of Euros developing an EDI System, Digitalizing your catalog, Complying with BMEcat Standards? Then welcome to Venforce!

Better Than 


Believe it or not, if you have your own webshop, just because your product portfolio has presence in Marketplaces and other eProcurement Systems, that leads to possible buyers Searching for you directly and wanting to do business (or more business) with you!


Market directly to your Buyer Target Groups

After Onboarding,we have the possibility to apply a Marketing strategy on each specific Marketplace.

This marketing has prooved to be the best Marketing option, because of the 3 main reasons:

✔ Buyers are already in the Marketplace Platform
✔ 44% of the Buyers will search and buy directly on their most used B2B platforms
✔ The cost-benefit and ROI are and "very easily"  and "Real Time" measured



is Automated

✔ eCl@ss Classifications
✔ UNSPSC Classifications
✔ Customer material groups
✔ Customer part numbers
✔ EAN article numbers
✔ PunchOut Catalog
✔ Product Index (OCI 5)
✔ Static Catalog

All per EDI, API, CSV, Excel® and many other options!


The best alternative 

to reach potential buyers

Large, Medium and Small size companies are buying trough online Marketplaces and other eProcurement Services. Manufacturers, Medicine, auto companies, engineering, construction and basically, all types of companies are supplying themselves through eProcurement Services.

What´s needed to Connect with my

Target Customers through Venforce?


Send us your 

product Data

The supplier sends us their traditional data from different sources like:
  • Printed Catalogs
  • Exel Sheets
  • eShop And web page Catalogs
  • PDF Catalogs
  • Digital Images


Transforms Data

Venforce Transforms data into Marketplaces Click-Sellable Content.

We use our own PIM (Product Information Management) System, transform the data from each Article into eCommerce Standards




After reviewing the data, venforce uploads and connects with eProcurement Systems

To learn more about eProcurement Systems click Here

Marketplaces, closed Procurement Systems, ERPs. Millions of Buyers are able to Discover and Buy your now digitalized product Catalog 


Sell, improve 

and Automate

With all of our suppliers we´ve continously improved on a daily basis. Once you start selling through our channels, there´s always room for improvement. With better data content (keywords, Pictures, Videos, etc.) we have registered enhancements on distributor revenues.

Are you ready to join us?

Start with a pilot project and test!

What do some of our 

Partners say about Venforce

  • radio_button_checked radio_button_checked radio_button_checked
    “As a partner and distributor, Venforce helps us to find the right marketplaces for our products and to present our content there digitized and seamlessly. We trust in their experience and are happy to have a reliable partner on board.”
    Denis Delic

    Inside Sales Manager

    Black Box Germany

  • "emissimo is a Venforce brand. It´s the perfect example, that with the complete catalog listed in Online Marketplaces and closed eProcurement Systems, it´s possible to generate revenue without investing aditional resources in Marketing.

    It drives the 95% of sales directly through the mentioned Marketplaces, and at the same time brings organic traffic to our webshop"
    Alejandro Cárdenas Reffel

    Marketing and Product Leader

  • "They (Venforce) transformed our phisical catalog and an Excel Sheet, into eCommerce data, then sell our complete catalog in unthinkable ways"

    "They store our inventory in their warehouse, and send it directly to the customer, from small orders, to complete pallets"


    Sales Manager

    Paperlynen Deutschland

What´s Next?

Venforce Service Portfolio

For Manufacturers and Distributors


eProcutement and Marketplaces integration

Buying processes have changed! Millions of buyers access monthly to their authorized Marketplaces and eProcurement Systems. We can connect your products, so they can be listed and accessible to the vast majority of Business Buyers in Germany, and soon (2023-2024) also in main European countries.

Fullfillment Center

Our warehouse Services allows us to become your best partner option.

With Automatic order-Invoice-Packaging-Send Out Processes, we take care of your shipping processes as well as your Warehouse Services, receiving and sending out goods, including packagin returns.


Data Content 


We transform your existing data, from Static catalogues, Excel ® sheets, CSV files, PDF, webshops, onto eProcurement Standards.  

Data Content 


There´s always room for improvement. Online Marketplaces and eProcurement Systems operate as Search Engine Machines. We make your data fit for these eProcurement Standards, in order to qualify in better possitions, and therefore generate higher revenues.

Media Generation

Product pictures, white backgrounds, Lifestyle pictures, Infographics, product explanation videos and many more.

We know what it takes and how to do it in a fast and cost-effective way.

Send us your product and we will integrate the complete process for you!.


Store and Sell

Online Marketplaces and eProcurement Systems are Search engine Machines (like Google), optimized for multiple transactions and thousands of search and buy processes. One of the Key factors is delivery time!

With our Store and Sell Services, we can store from 1 Box of your product catalog, up to several Pallets can be stored!.


Marketplaces Marketing Campaigns

Our software environment enables you to quickly onboard in our cloud, connect and expand your reach to over 2 million potential B2B business customers from the sectors like Industry, medical, Hotels and Restaurants, Construction, Energy and many more.

Automated process 

Online Shop build

We build from scratch your new Webshop. Automated processes, including inventory management, marketplaces Connections,  new product uploads, automatic invoices, EDI processes and much more. 

We would take care of your Customer Service as well.

Do you have any questions?

Find the answers here, or contact us!

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