We are climate neutral

This means that we offset the CO2 emissions of our company again.

1. Determination of CO2 emissions

ClimatePartner has recorded the relevant CO2 emission sources of our company. The analysis and annual update of our balance sheet enables us to implement and monitor measures to further avoid and reduce CO2.

2. Offsetting CO2 emissions through a climate protection project

Climate protection projects save CO2 - for example through reforestation measures or the replacement of climate-damaging technologies.

By supporting the marine conservation project, Plastic Bank, Worldwide, we offset the greenhouse gases again.

All ClimatePartner projects are certified to the highest international standards and independent third parties verify that the measures are implemented on site.

3. Track carbon offsets

The ClimatePartner process with an order-related ID number makes climate neutrality transparently traceable:


The bees have been transferred from the scion box to a new hive. Here they can now grow into a real colony. During the transfer we noticed that there is a lot of brood in the combs, so many thousands of bees will hatch in the next few days. We will keep you up to date here.


The greatest value of a bee colony lies in its pollination services. Without bees, agricultural yields would decline significantly, as most plants depend on pollination by bees. The apple is just one example. Due to bee flight and pollination, the yield of an apple tree increases by 16 times compared to normal pollination.

We have decided to become bee sponsors and to found a new colony of 40-60,000 little helpers.

The hive (the bees' dwelling) was built and erected by the Elbe-Weser-Werkstätten (institution for handicapped people).

The bees are raised by a trained beekeeper company. For this purpose, a new hive is created.

For this purpose, brood combs were taken from colonies without a queen and a new queen was bred. After egg laying, the new hive is occupied by the bees.

Fresh fruit for our employees directly from the grower, made possible by CrowdFarming.

What is CrowdFarming? 

CrowdFarming was created by young farmers. It is a direct and transparent supply chain. There we are godfather of a clementine tree, which provides us with fresh fruit.

Through CrowdFarming
We learn who grows our food, how and where.
Buy directly from the producer. This provides income and jobs in rural areas.

Do we get fresh clementines regularly for 3 months. This will help us avoid wasting food that is grown and can't find a buyer.

Reward farmers who use packaging materials and cultivation methods that are in harmony with the environment.